Mainly Kenyan Sand Boas, Russian Sand Boas and Pied morph Ball Pythons.

Kenyan Sand Boas

The East African or Kenyan Sand Boa is from Northern and Eastern Africa. With an average adult length of 18 to 32 inches, its docile nature and low maintenance requirements, it is a fantastic animal to keep.  With many known pattern and color morphs and the many undiscovered or not yet proven morphs, I'm expecting a substatnial rise in this snake's popularity.
Dodoma x Normal Kenyan
HRP = Reduced Pattern
Paradox Snow
Rufescens Albino
Rufescens Dodoma
Rufescens Snow
Splash Albino
Splash Anery
Splash Snow
Yellow Snow

Desert/Russian Sand Boas

Eryx Miliaris Nogaiorum

The Desert /Russian Sand Boa is one of the smallest boas.  Adult males average around 15 inches while adult females rarely exceed two feet.  They are extremely variable in color and pattern.  The jet black Russians with their white side speckling are quite impressive.
Albino Russian
Black Russian
Cinnamon Russian

Ball Pythons

From Sub-Saharan Africa.
Het Pied = Black Pastel
Het Pied = Pastel
Het Pied = Pewter
Het Pied = Pinstripe
Het Pied = Spider
Hypo Enchi or Enchi Ghost
Jigsaw Blast
Pied = Cinnamon
Pied = Mojave
Pied =Bumble Bee
Pied =Hypo Het VPI Axanthic
Pied =Leopard
Pied =Pastel Possibly Yellow Belly
Pied =Pin
Pied =VPI Axanthic
Pied =Yellow Belly
Queen Bee
VPI AX Bumble Bee
VPI Axanthic DH Pied and Hypo
VPI Axanthic Pin
VPI Axanthic Spider
VPI Pastel Axanthic
VPI Snow
VPI Super pastel Axanthic