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Holloway Herps is a small hobby that all started with a fascination for reptiles that goes back for as long as I can remember.  I was fortunate to have had parents that not only accepted me keeping reptiles but promoted it. With over thirty years  experience we are one of the pioneers in breeding Kenyan Sand Boas.  We also work with ball pythons and are dedicated to  selective breeding for high quality animals.  Purposely remaining  focused on a limited number of specialized breeding projects has allowed us to refine our husbandry skills and it shows in the exceptional quality and health of our animals.  Whether you are a discriminating  enthusianst  or high quality collector we have the animals for you.  We pride ourselves in quality customer service and quarantee your satification.   
I want to thank my parents for promoting my interest, my wife and kids for putting up with this obsession and the many people I have met that have made this a great experience.
Thanks for visiting my website.  Jeff
Jeff's Blog:
I'm Back Posted: 03/30/2015
I'm working on getting this website updated and hopefully keep it updated. Step 1 complete...blink1.gif

2012 season Posted: 03/13/2012
Well, the 2012 season is in full swing , sand boas breeding, ball pythons breeding, ovulations , eggs , sand boas about to pop and the all the excitement that goes with it. Several gravid sand boas that will add to the long list of cool projects we have here at "Holloway Herps" . The ball pythons got off to a early start and as of 3-11-2012, I already have two huge clutches in the incubator (26 eggs) . That's right two clutches =26 good eggs. WOW . As you know, I mostly work with VPI Axanthic and Pied stuff and this year I hope to have several very hard to find ball python combos and some unbelievable sands that will be offered to the public for the very first time. Awesome stuff coming so don't forget to check back.
Ball Python News Posted: 05/26/2011
My second clutch was a great clutch. From a Spider het vpi Axanthic bred to a Ax female ,I got 7 good eggs that produced 1.3 spider axanthics ,1.0 spider het and 2.0 norm hets.
" PAINT " Posted: 04/29/2011
The new morph proved to be recessice this season and it is incredible. I bred the original import male to a snow female in late 07 and produced ( in 08 ) what I hoped to be triple hets. This year those babies bred and produced visual Paints. You gotta love it when a project pans out. Awesome looking babies.
Web Site Update Posted: 02/20/2011
Okay, I'm finally up dating my web-page . Hopefully I can get it finished in the near future ?? I have alot of available animals, so if you don't see what your looking for ,just give me a call. Also you can friend me on Face Book to get updates. Face Book name is " Holloway Herps " check it out. Thanks Jeff
Albino Black Russians Posted: 06/13/2010
I recently added the "Albino Black Russian" to the website.
Welcome! Posted: 06/08/2010
Welcome to the Holloway Herps Website!